Home Improvements That Attract Buyers

When you own property in a dense, urban neighborhood, you have sales competition surrounding you every day. Regardless of the season, there might be dozens of homes on the market at the same time as your property. Your property needs to stand out from the crowd if it's going to harness any lucrative bids. Read about the home improvements that can attract more buyers to your property when you plan on selling in the near future.

Clever Bathroom Upgrades
Completely remodeling a bathroom is incredibly expensive, but you don't have to take this route. In fact, clever changes in the bathroom can make it look like its been remodeled without a major investment. Consider new hardware for the towels and toilet-paper roll. Replace the toilet seat and shower curtain. Scrub the bathroom until it's sparkling clean. These tiny changes will give prospective buyers a thrill as they look around the space. 

Outdoor Deck Installation
If you want a major improvement for your living space, consider an outdoor deck installation. Decks are comparatively cheaper to install than room additions, and they utilize any extra yard space. Allow the deck to spread out from the living room in order for the home to look like it has extra square footage. If visitors can relax in the living room or out on the deck, buyers may be even more attracted to your property compared to others in the area.

Freshly Painted Front Door
You might dream of the entire exterior being painted a brand-new color, but your budget doesn't have the room for this luxury. As a clever alternative, simply paint your front door. Select a bold color, such as blue or red, that will complement the exterior's current decor. As visitors approach the door, they'll be pleasantly surprised by the inviting color. This painting strategy also pulls their attention away from the exterior walls that may need some color after so many years in the sun.

Simple Kitchen Additions
Kitchen remodeling is inherently expensive, so look for other ways to enhance the space. Add a few matching appliances on the counter top. Hang new drapes, and paint the cabinets a fresh color. As visitors enter the space, they'll be distracted by the new items spotlighted in the kitchen. For some buyers, a simple kitchen is perfect because they want to add highlights of their own after buying the home.

Garage Floor Highlights
Your garage doesn't have to be a dark cave for the family vehicles. In fact, it can be an extension of the interior space. Consider a paint job for the garage floor. In most cases, your garage is simply a concrete surface. You can paint it a solid, gray color or be innovative with a checkerboard design. Regardless of the chosen paint color, visitors will look at the garage with a different perspective. The space is now a usable area for mom, dad or the kids.

Landscaping Accents
If you're selling in spring, summer or fall, add a few landscaping accents to the front and backyards. Plant some bushes or flowers along an empty garden bed. Add a dwarf fruit tree to a yard corner. All of these accent points make the home more attractive from the exterior. If you plant food crops, including herbs and fruits, buyers might be even more attracted to the property.

It's not necessary to improve every room within your home. In most cases, your budget will dictate which improvements are possible. Select projects that fit your financial situation and complement the property. With only one or two improvements, it's possible to change the look of your home and bring in multiple buyers.