Searching For A Family Home In Canada

Whether you already live in Canada or are planning to move there, in the future, there's a lot of questions you may have. There are tons of blogs and articles out there that will give you an entire step-by-step guide on how to move from one country to the next, or how to work with a real estate agent to find the best value. That's not what we're looking at here. What we are going to talk about is buying a home and raising a family. 

The first things you are going to look at when you are looking for a house is the space available and the overall price. Do you know what that price is telling you? It isn't just about the square footage of the home or the acreage it sits on. The property increases based on the demographic, which tells us the economic wealth of those around you, as well as the rate of crime, the average age of mortality, and the strength of the closest school district. 

Raising a family goes beyond who has to share a room and whether you decide to go organic versus processed foods. Did you know that there is reason that Calgary has more than a million residents? Not only is this city ideal for public transit if you want to take a day trip with the little ones, but it is also known for having a very low rate of crime. Safety is key to survival, and if a place with this many inhabitants can boast about their lack of crime, it makes it a true winner for anybody looking to raise a family. 

The Ottawa-Gatineau region overlooks the Ottawa river (Ottawa and Gatineau sit on opposite sides). This area actually boasts the lowest amount of crime in the country, and has over 250 service men (police) monitoring the area on a day-to-day basis. This area is safe enough that at least one-fifth of the population uses the mass transit system to commute to work. In addition to tons of outdoors style activities for you and the family to enjoy on the weekends, Gatineau is also home of the Canadian Children's Museum and the Canadian Museum of History. Libraries are available in just about any community. Ottawa is Canada's capital city and has the second highest quality of life in all of North America and is one of the top 5 cleanest cities in the entire world. The climate allows you to enjoy all the seasons, including hot summers and cold winters. Though the population within the city is nearly a million, it is not considered to be crowded and has it's fair share of family activities, such as the world's largest ice rink during the winter season. 

These are just some examples of places in Canada that are ideal for raising a family. Not many people outside of Canada know about Ottawa or Gatineau, it's beauty and how safe it is for it's residents. So if you are looking to move up to Canada, or just looking to move from another spot in Canada, definitely take a look at some of these areas mentioned and make the determination based on the entire house, not just the price and amount of bathrooms!