The 5 Best Suburbs of Toronto For Young Professionals

If you're in the crowd of young people whom are relatively new out of school, then there are plenty of great options for you. Young professionals can count on some of these great neighborhoods as being some of the best places to live for young people as they have plenty to do and are relatively affordable. These are also great places to live if you're still single and not quite ready to settle down yet.

1. East York

East York is known for being a very affordable place to live for young adults. The suburb lies right across the Don River from Toronto, but is still close enough to Toronto to allow a commute back and forth to the city. It was a home to the returning veterans from WWII. East York is also known for having a lot of senior citizens whom live in the area as well because many whom originally inhabited the locale never left.

2. The Annex

The Annex is an eclectic mix of many different types of people. The University of Toronto is nearby, so there are plenty of students whom live in the neighborhood. But, it's also a great place for young professionals since there are many different bars, museums, and galleries in the neighborhood. The Annex offers virtually everything which you could ever want in a neighborhood. You also have the possibility of rubbing shoulders with plenty of successful business people and artists whom live in the area.

3. Riverdale

Riverdale is another neighborhood which is bounded by the Don River. It's a thriving neighborhood and many popular teen shows are named after Degrassi Street. Riverdale has plenty of schools and hospitals, making it a great neighborhood for families looking to raise their children. It also lies on the outside of the East End of Toronto and features plenty of shopping.

4. Leslieville

Leslieville is a neighborhood on the East End which has a quaint feel and plenty of very proud residents. It's a very quiet place if you aren't necessarily in to the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Homes are cozy, and the trees are lined with streets. Leslieville is also known for having plenty of artistic features on the outside of it's buildings. For that reason, many in Leslieville also tend to do everything locally in order to keep everything within their own community.

5. Davisville

Many young professionals want to live in this village. For that reason, many apartment/office buildings have been built to accommodate the interest from so many young people looking to move to the area. Many of the buildings which were built in Davisville are high-rises, so this makes it a very packed area. Young people attracted to urban life will definitely feel at home if the make the decision to move to this city. Many of the residents also earn over $60,000 per year, and the community is also relatively diverse as there are plenty of immigrants living in this neighborhood as well.

Picking a new neighborhood is not a easy task, but it's always a good idea to weigh the features of each neighborhood before you decide to buy. For many, a home is a once in a lifetime purchase, so you'll have to be careful as to what home you buy before you make the decision to do so. Otherwise, you could end up stuck in a neighborhood that you wouldn't want to live in if you make the wrong decision to buy a home in a neighborhood that you won't like. This is not a fun prospect when you have a mortgage on your back.