The Little Things Matter: Fix Them Up!

If you are trying to sell a house in Canada, every little detail of the house could be the detail that makes or breaks a sale. That means, that everything from broken doors down to porches that have been bleached by the sun really do matter. Below you will find just a few details that seem small but make a big difference in whether you are going to sell your home or not.


Broken Or Missing Door Trim

Broken and missing door trim may not seem important to you, but they can indicate that you have been neglectful or careless with your home to potential new buyers. Do not leave yourself in this position. Spend a few dollars and make sure that the trim in your home is present, complete, and beautiful.


Faded Porches And Outdoor Wooden Structures

Buying stain for your porch, patio, or arch is as easy as spending just a few dollars on a discounted can of stain at the local hardware store. It takes an hour or two to apply properly depending on the area that needs covering, and can make your home dazzle to potential buyers.


Broken Fences

Broken fences are one of the biggest reasons that a large portion of the population will turn down an otherwise beautiful home. Broken fences are not the most appealing thing to look at, can be dangerous children and adults, and is completely useless to a family that wants to let their dog or cat run loose in what they hoped would be a fenced-in backyard. Fixing your fence can be as easy as searching for scrap wood around the neighborhood and painting the fence to make it look uniform.


Uneven Yards

Grassy hilly yards are fine, but yards with large drop-offs and rocky hills are very dangerous to both people and their pets. If you have any say in this situation, try to get your yard leveled before you officially list your home as “for sale”.


Sun-Faded Paint In Rooms

The sun is a very powerful force that can cause a lot of problems for wood in the backyard, the skin on your body, and the paint on the walls inside of your home. If you have noticed that this is a problem, then simply buy a bucket of paint and make the room look fresh again.


Broken Tiles

Broken tiles on the floor, in bathrooms, and in kitchens are easy to fix and can be done with just a few dollars depending on your situation. Even if the cost of fixing this portion of your home is a bit more than you expected, fixing the problem will increase the value of the home and bring in more potential buyers.


Dangerous Steps

Dangerous steps either need to be replaced, leveled, or reinforced. If you have stairs with open spaces on either side of them, then you should put in a rail to ensure the safety of anyone that may potentially use them. Dangerous steps are not only scary, but also a common reason that otherwise perfect homes are passed up.


Unfinished Spaces

Unfinished spaces are not only aesthetically hard to look at, but can also be dangerous. Leaving exposed electrical cords, unsafe water fixtures, and tools around can make a quick trip to the hospital every time your child enters the room. Not all unfinished spaces are a complete mess. Some of these spaces just need paint, trim, and a few odds and ends that need to be completed. If you are in this position, just finish the room and watch the value and foot traffic of your home skyrocket.