Top Canadian Companies - Canada's Foothold in the Global Economy

To be honest, the Canadian economy is dwarfed by it's southern neighbor, the United States. However, this doesn't mean that the Canadian economy isn't significant at all in the world stage. There are plenty of great Canadian companies, and Canada is also known for it's high quality of life and tourism. A few of Canada's companies are even well-known outside of the country, and this is designed to be a tiny list which describes a few of those famous companies and brands. This is designed to be a snapshot of companies for which Canada is internationally known.


1. Air Canada

Air Canada is the flag air carrier of the country, and it carries passengers to destinations around the world. It's one of a few airlines which flies to every continent except Antarctica. It's also been in business since 1937, carrying passengers to destinations around the world. The airline employs 28,000 individuals as of 2015.


2. Labatt's Beer

This is one of the iconic brands which people also associate with Canada. Because Labatt's is a well-known brewing company, this brand can be found in beer aisles and convenience stores around the world. The company dates back to 1847 when John Kinder Labatt started the company and it has expanded ever since.


3. Tim Horton's

Tim Horton's is a unique company in the real estate business. The company used to be very strict about whom they would allow to own a franchise: as it was restricted to Canada in the past. This Canadian legend was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, but was purchased by Burger King in 2014 which meant that the company now has a global reach.


4. Suncor Energy

Suncor was started in Montreal in 1919, and is focused on obtaining crude oil since Canada is world famous for having large quantities of oil. This is a global company which sends their resources around the world. The company is also known for acting responsibly and ensuring that none of the products which they produce go to waste.


5. TD Bank and RBC

These two banks are also big Canadian exports, which have a presence throughout the USA and elsewhere. TD Ameritrade is also a subsidiary of TD Bank, which is a popular online brokerage platform which is based in Omaha, Nebraska. RBC and TD both offer great finance career opportunities for those whom are so inclined to be attracted to the profession. RBC (Royal Bank Of Canada) also happens to be the largest company in the country. RBC is a leader in the fields of wealth management and capital markets, which is a great career path within the firm.


6. Bombardier

Canada also has the ability to make aircraft for both military and civilian purposes. Previously, many of the company's aircraft were known as Canadair which were flown as regional jets by some major US-based airlines. Bombardier's aircraft are sold around the world to many different companies. For engineers and others, Bombardier is a company which can provide a great source of income and career opportunities.


7. Bioware

This is another area which many people didn't know that Canada had a presence in: video games. It began in Canada, but was purchased by Electronic Arts. Bioware is a great company which offers plenty of games to ordinary people and specializes in RPG games. The company is thus a great career option for people whom might have skills which are more aligned with the fields of IT and software development. You can consider a career with them as they still have a presence in Canada as it offers a great startup-oriented environment.