Wall Mounted Toilets Add Space To Bathrooms

While commonplace throughout Europe, wall-mounted toilets are seemingly becoming the rage in new construction residential homes and renovations. What’s all the rage about? Wall-mounted toilets are practical, free up otherwise occupied bathroom floor space and add pizzazz to a bathroom's design and appearance.

So what’s so special about wall-hung toilets? The primary feature of wall-hung toilets is that their tank is hidden from view. It’s concealed behind the wall! Aside from the tank being concealed, the toilet functions as a floor-mounted toilet wood.

Don’t run out and buy a wall-mounted toilet, without taking into consideration some important elements. For new construction, the wall where the toilet tank is concealed will be designed to handle the weight load of the tank. In a renovation scenario, the wall may have to be rebuilt to a different standard to accommodate the additional weight load of a concealed toilet tank. Some wall-mounted toilet tanks are sold as a system, while others are sold as individual components to accommodate space limitations.

You can reduce your toilet water consumption by 20% or more, with a concealed tank system, which is important if you have many family members residing in the same residence. Concealed tanks are very water efficient and contribute to a reduction in your utility bill.

Wall mounted/concealed tank systems use very little space, meaning zero floor space. It makes bathroom floor cleaning easy and unimpeded. This makes the bathroom spacious and larger than it really appears. Combine a wall mounted toilet with a pedestal-mounted sink, you’ll think you’ll have an open meadow, full of space. An open and spacious bathroom is an important selling point when a home is on the market.

As with everything, there are two sides, the pros, and the cons. One pro is that wall mounted toilets take up lit bathroom space and give back plenty of floor space. A spacious bathroom makes it easier to blend in with or work with the rest of the home in terms of design. Taking the toilet off the floor gives a more free-flowing, appealing appearance. Cleaning the bathroom is another advantage to getting a wall hung toilet, it’s a snap! Not more missed areas or emanating odors.

Now, as great as wall hung toilets are, they do have a few cons. A wall mounted toilet has to be installed by a plumbing contractor, This is not a do-it-yourself job for the weekend warrior. Be forewarned, that if you attempt to buy a wall mount toilet without doing proper research on the toilet and the wall behind, you’re going to have a catastrophe. The wall needs to be able to hold the weight of the concealed tank and be properly secured, so it doesn’t become loose. The toilet needs to be reinstalled properly. It's best that you leave it to a plumber who has experience with such a difficult task

A wall mounted toilet transforms a bathroom from a room for necessity, into a room that can be showcased much like a living room, den or kitchen.