What To Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Canadian Home

Selling your home may be a tough, long, or frustrating process. You may have to sell your home against your best wishes, or in a hurry to earn the money to move. Whatever the case may be, you are trying to sell your Canadian home.

To help make the process run a bit more smoothly, we have put together a list of questions that we recommend asking your real estate agent.

Can I See Your Real Estate License?

Reputable real estate agents will be able to provide you with an authentic real estate license. They will also be able to provide you with proof that this license is in fact in good standing. You are also able to find this information online if you search for the name of your real estate agent. If something doesn’t seem right, or these individuals cannot provide you with the information you are requesting, simply walk away.

How Do You Plan To Sell My Home?

Many agents will have an idea of how they want to market or sell your home. Most of the time they will find a feature that is particularly desirable and make that the selling point for the home. This may mean a large yard, farm land, a finished basement, or a great number of rooms and bathrooms. Asking this question will allow you to understand what your agent values about your home. This will also inform you about what information the agent knows or does not know about your property.

How Many Clients Are You Currently Representing?

You should always ask this seemingly off-topic questions. If a real estate agent is representing what you feel is a very large number of clients you should wonder if their homes are not selling or if the agent is simply spread too thin. If the agent does not have many clients you should wonder if they are not a desirable agent. Go with your gut instinct on this question.

What Do You Recommend As a Selling Price For This Home?

Most of the time an agent will recommend selling your home for a price that you think is lower than it should be. This may be due to the current state of the market, the condition of the home, or price of the homes for sale in your own neighborhood. If your agent recommends a price that does not make sense, get a second opinion. If the second opinion confirms the first, then work with your agent until the price makes more sense to you. You must be as flexible as the agent and the market if you would truly like your home to sell.

How Can I Sell My Home Quickly?

If you make sure to let your agent know that you want your home to sell quickly, they will make a few suggestions to you. They may suggest that you do a little yard work to increase curb appeal, clean the home with a specialty service, or have professionals come in and redo the roof, for example. While their suggestions are not always foolproof, they tend to have suggestions that will in fact sell your home quickly. Listen to their suggestions.

Are Your Fees Negotiable?

Never forget to ask if their fees are negotiable. You should expect that your agent is willing to work with you to sell the home, just as they expect you to be flexible with them. If your house takes longer to sell, your agent should be flexible with this. If you encounter a problem or unforeseen situation, your agent should be flexible with this. Flexibility is key to selling your Canadian home.