What You Should Do Before Selling Your House

Let’s face it, selling a house can be sad. It can put you in a poor mood, and even make you a little angry under the right circumstances. Just know that you are not alone and that everything that you are experiencing is normal. The process of letting your home go is a very hard one, especially if you have been living in the home for a considerable chunk of your lifetime. So in order to make the transition just a little bit easier on you, we have put together a bucket list of items that you could enjoy doing in your last few days in the house.


Plant A Tree Or Plant

If you have a backyard in which you can plant a tree or perennial plant, then do it. This will be your permanent mark on the house and will serve as a constant reminder that part of you will always be there. You can take that time to honor lost family members or to honor memories that you cherish. You can be sneaky about planting your tree on the back corner of the property, or open with your plan and plant the flower in the front. You may even find joy in telling your new homeowners what you have done. Tell them that you’ll always be looking out for them. What better way is there than that to build a lifelong friendship? Plus, if you have made friends with the new owners, you may get to see the house again in your lifetime.


Call Over Friends And Family

Have a party or small get together with friends and family that you love. Your friends and family helped to make the house what it is, and your friends and family will help you to make some of the last memories in the house. Have a party complete with dishes that everyone brings, play cards, let the children play outside with the dog. If you aren’t celebrating the house that you have come to love and make your favorite memories in, then you are mourning. Don’t mourn what has made you happy in life. What point is there in being sad about something that isn’t really in your control?


Make A Movie Night

If you are a strong family that enjoys doing quite a bit of fun together, then invest in something like a movie night. Watch your favorite movies, pop popcorn, cook your favorite dinner, and just enjoy being a family in the house. You have all of the hard work done and it is time for you to just enjoy what little time you have left. This is an opportunity that you just do not want to lose out on if the house you are selling has meant a lot to you.


Play A Game

Create a game in honor of your house. This is much more fun if you have children that can help you. Think of something like a mystery game or a Treasure hunt that you can adapt to fit the needs of your house and spend some time getting to play this game in the house. If you choose to go with an adaptation of a treasure hunt, write a card that says something like “go to the place where Spot used to sleep at night” or “your next clue will be found in the place where Sarah lost her last tooth”. Bring back the memories and live them through again by playing this game.