By: Brandon Schmidt

Demolition underway!

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Demolition Underway! Barrie Central is set for demolition. Here is the full article: ...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

Screen time battles

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Screen time battles are a reality at the Schmidt Shack, but we are the only ones. How do you handle screen time at your place? Here is the full article: ...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

Keep your furnace vents clear in the winter!

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A Barrie woman has a close call, make sure you furnace vents are clear from snow. Here is the full article:   ...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

How to Maintain your Snowblower

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How to Maintain your snowblower!   There is a definite chill in the air, and the first snow flurries are flying… that means it’s time to get our snow blower prepared for the winter.   Basic snow blower maintenance is fairly simple and straightforward, involving steps similar to those you’d take for your car (changing oil, inspecting belts, and so on). The ...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

Barrie Youth Job Fair

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Barrie Youth Job Fair Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with multiple employment agencies and employers at one location! Learn about employment pathways and opportunities, and ways you can improve your résumé. Ages 16-20. Youth Job Fair JANUARY 20 | 11:00AM TO 2:00PM Downtown Branch | Flex Space For more information visit: ...Read More

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Rename the Theatre

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Rename the Theatre! Pratt Homes has sponsored the Downtown Theatre (previously known as the Mady Centre) and will be renaming the building … and not with a corporate name. This theatre is a public space and deserves to have its own identity that lives well beyond any sponsorship or donation. And who better to help Rename This Barrie Theatre than the people of Barrie. From Tuesday December...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

Hardwood Hills Fire

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Hardwood Ski and Bike is going to remain closed until further notice after a fire caused about $1 million in damage. The Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office said on Wednesday that an accidental electrical fire in the bathroom of the main chalet was behind the Christmas Day blaze. ...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

How to Maintain a Wood Burning Fireplace

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There is no point in arguing which type of fireplace has the most gorgeous flames. Wood burning fireplaces are, and will always be the most elegant and the least expensive fireplaces on the market. Regardless of what people think about a wood fireplace, the most important thing is to take care of it. Your fireplace is the heart of your home. This is why you need to learn everything you can on how ...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

Ice Advice

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ICE ADVICE!   Before hitting the hardwater this winter, learn to recognize the signs of danger   Any time you’re in the ice, you must keep one factor in mind above all others: safety. This is particularly the case in early winter and late spring, when ice conditions are at their worst and anglers are at the highest risk of falling through. That makes it crucial to be able to re...Read More

By: Brandon Schmidt

Barrie has gone for a LOOP!

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  Barrie has gone for a loop!   The skating trail is a loop just under one kilometre that travels through the museum's heritage buildings and forest pathways.   Admission is $10 per person.   Daytime skating hours are Tuesday, Jan. 2 to Friday Jan. 5 from 1 to 4 p.m More